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  Gone are the days of double digit returns from the the stock market. Now is the time to invest in real estate. With real estate you own something that is tangible verse pieces of paper which with some companies are now worthless. Lake Thunderbird is located only 2 hours southwest of Chicago. Just think in the time that it takes you to go from Northbrook to Orland Park you can be pulling into your driveway at Lake Thunderbird. Door County is 4 hours away. Michigan is at least 3 hours away. Lake Thunderbird is only 2. Yes, you are reading that correctly, only 2 hours! The lake itself has approximately 8 miles of shoreline with the average depth being 35 feet. Compare Lake Thunderbird to any other lake in the area and you will find that Lake Thunderbird is the winner! I invite you to come on down and see why Lake Thunderbird is the best lake in Illinois by far. If you would like more information about property for sale send email to you can also read the email newsletter by clicking here. I have added a blog also to this website which can be accessed by clicking here and see you on the lake!
If you would like to download a one page flyer detailing Lake Thunderbird click here (88K pdf file). You can download the fees click here (31K pdf file) and the rules click here (35K pdf file). Lastly, you can download a property map of Lake Thunderbird the shallow end click here (4MB pdf) and the deep end click here (4MB pdf). Enjoy the lake! Check out my home buying tips sheet click here (56K pdf file).

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